Book Report: Recaging the Beast by Jane Remington

There is a fungus among us, and it is a dangerous thing indeed.

Jane Remington’s book is a very eye opening look at that fungus, how it got out of control in the first place and how to put it back in its cage where it belongs. Reading this book has really opened my eyes to how dis-ease is created and prolonged.

My recommendations for this book:

  • DO NOT read this before bed, especially if you have just finished watching Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. All I could see as I read about the fungus was Orks, the dirty, nasty bad guys that go around killing and pillaging everything in those movies. Though it is helpful imagery to understand the destructive power, it sure doesn’t make for pleasant dreams.
  • DO read it with a prayerful heart and an open mind. The author challenges several long standing beliefs with pretty strong arguments. Yes this book as effected how I will raise my children, no it will not require an entire change from the norm. Be open to taking bits and pieces and doing the best you can with what you have for now.

I read this book to gain a greater understanding of how my business can truly help people, I am so thankful for simple effective solutions. I was excited as I read (and scribbled often in the margins) about how the knowledge I have now can help so many people! I have been blessed to be a blessing! I am so thankful that I know of simple and super effective ways to help recage that beast for myself and my family. Ways that might help keep it caged to start with.

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