We Interrupt Our Regular Programming….

I’m a bit behind on my posting…and I apologize. Does your life ever get a tad off schedule, or knocked off kilter, or completely off course?

I think we ALL can identify with THAT! haha!

What do you do when that happens? Do you shut down, take a step back and regroup, run off in a completely different direction than the one you were heading in before? Me, I research.

When life isn’t working out the way I thought it should, or something happens that knocks me off track for a few days, I tend to go into research mode. Not every time, sometimes I can just pick up where we left off and keep moving forward. But other times, I need (or think I need) a fresh start. A better system, better tools, etc. So I hit Pinterest and research. haha!

I’m a bit of a planning and organizing nerd (in case you’ve missed that so far in our journey together). I love to research and create new systems and tools that help me feel like life isn’t REALLY so far out of control. Implementing them works ok usually too…it’s the sticking with it long term that is the issue. Anyone else?

I mean, I can have the latest and greatest system but still not make any visible progress toward the goals and dreams that God has for me.

This past week we’ve been talking about new adventures as a family, the possibilities, the what ifs, the pros and cons. All that thinking takes up a lot of time. So does research. But…have we spent as much time praying about it as we have researching and talking about it?

Why do we so often go to prayer as a back up plan? Or an item on our checklist for a good life?

What can we do (I do) to make prayer more of a priority? What have you found to be helpful for you? I’d love to chat! Share with us in the comments!

ps Stay tuned for more info on our adventures coming up soon!

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My Vision/Goal Notebook

This is a follow up to my How to Make Sure 2017 ROCKS! Series from last month. I wanted to give you a quick run down and glimpse into what I put into my Vision/Goal Notebook.

I created a vision board for my wall, but wanted to have something portable as well. I based this on Terri Savelle Foy’s book Dream It, Pin It, Live It.

Each Vision/Goal has specific details listed on the page with whatever graphics I’ve found that help me to “see” it.

  • Date the Vision/Goal is being set
  • Specifics of the Vision/Goal (Lose 20 lbs by June 1st, etc)
  • The Plan to Achieve that Vision/Goal (I will exercise 3 times a week, etc.)
  • Scripture Focus
  • Seeds Planted (what have I invested towards meeting this goal)
  • Notes (in order to reach my goal I need to…)
  • Date Achieved

I have BIG goals in here as well as some smaller ones, all of them written out and as many of those details filled out as possible.

Here’s a quick video so you can see what I mean.


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