How to Make Sure 2017 ROCKS! Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of our series!! The video I made for this week includes all of the resources and inspiration for my current system in case you want to go through the learning and growth process like I did.

I highly recommend all of these resources, but am not being paid by any of them (I also did not receive free product for review purposes…that would have been cool though.) haha!

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Health Tip: Simple Health System Part 1 – Healthy Mindset

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7 KJV

“Oh Be careful little mouth, what you say.” Children’s song, author unknown


What we think and what we say has far reaching consequences and rewards. So the FIRST step toward improved health must be taken on the inside. There is a reason we say that we are getting healthy from the inside out. It’s so true!! What we think and say about ourselves, our “issues”, our appearance, etc. is part of creating that reality. Please notice that I said “PART.”

So if we think (or say) that something won’t work for us, it probably won’t. If we think that this is how life will always be, where we are sick and tired, we will always be sick and tired. If we decide, then think and say things like, “This is going to work! I feel better already!” Guess what, you WILL feel better already!

It’s not magic, or woowoo stuff. It’s a spiritual reality. We are told to speak life into the people and situations around us, why not speak life into our health?

I know that one of the things I struggle most with is my mindset. This is an area where I have spent a lot of time learning and growing…and I’m still learning and growing. Some parts of the month are easier than others…if you catch my drift. haha! But for the most part I’m making forward progress.

How much easier would it be to make healthy choices if I’m telling myself how much I love healthy foods!? My conscious mind might not believe me at first, but my subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference and will eventually help me convince that skeptical conscious mind that I really DO love healthy foods!

You’re challenge for the week is to write out a list of your negative self-talk, the things you say to yourself often, especially in regards to your health. Do you say things like, “This is killing me” or “That gets on my nerves” or maybe “I hate exercise and salad”? That’s part one, making that list. There is no room for “stinkin thinkin” on the road to a healthy life, in any aspect, whether you’re looking for health in your physical body, in your spiritual life, in your relationships, etc.

Part two is to write a positive statement that counters that negative statement. For instance, “I enjoy exercise because I know that it is helping me make myself better, healthier and stronger. I’m better able to do what God has called me to do when I am full of energy, and exercise helps me reach those goals.”

I’d love to hear your positive statements, share them in the comments below so we can cheer you on!!

We’ll be talking about this mindset thing a lot here on the blog. I also cover the entire Simple Health System in my eBook which you can get for FREE by signing up in the sidebar on the right. Check back soon for Part 2!

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Book Report – Epic Faith by Marty Meyers

“An epic is a long narrative poem or story that includes a hero. The hero of God’s story is Jesus, and he invites us into his narrative by faith. When we come to the cross of Christ, our story dramatically changes and becomes pregnant with epic potential. Our lives become a beautiful tale of transformation, renewal, goodness, life, and profound love. With Jesus as the central hero, our story will glorify God and reflect his character. The plot of a life fully surrendered to and focused on God reflects a passionate pursuit of his dreams for us.” pg 3

“God has planted dream seeds in your heart, and in the following pages you will find courage to trust the One who can nourish those dreams into life.” pg 3



One of my goals this year is to read one book a week, on average. I thought it might be fun to share what I’ve learned with you, so this is the first of many. Enjoy!!

Even though I grew up going to church and accepted Christ as my Savior many years ago, I’ve always struggled with fully trusting Him. I know it sounds crazy, especially since I’ve had a pretty calm and good life. Maybe it is BECAUSE of that reason that I struggle with faith. My faith has never really been tested.

Reading Marty’s book was eye opening for me. Through stories of YWAM mission trips to India, financial struggles, and forest fires Marty tells a story of faith being tested…and the faithfulness of God. I lost count of the tears that fell, the goosebumps that rose and the moments of awe at watching God work in their lives and ministry as I read their story.

This book showed me that testing will come (as much as I don’t want it to) AND that God will be faithful through it all. It also showed me that the blessings on the other side will be so worth the testing! God has given us each a purpose, one that only we can fulfill. He has also promised to provide what we need to accomplish His purpose for us…even though it may look differently than what WE have imagined. Growth cannot happen in comfort zones, and without growth we die, physically and spiritually. Full reliance upon Him is what we need to do, it is a place where we are rooted and spend all of our time. Fully centered on His presence…something that I think we can all improve on. I know I can!

Remember it’s not the size of our faith that matters (or our belief in ourselves or our abilities) it’s the size of our God that matters.

If you are considering ordering your own copy of Marty’s book, please consider using my affiliate link below. It doesn’t cost you any extra but helps me keep this site up and running. Thanks!!

Affiliate link: Epic Faith by Marty Myers

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How to Make Sure 2017 ROCKS!! Part 1

I LOVE organization, planners, productivity tools, notebooks, pens, cute stickers, washi tape…pretty much anything office supply related. haha!!

As we start a new year I want to share a few tips, tricks and tools that I’ve found that help me to stay (somewhat) organized, get more things done and (hopefully) have a more productive and balanced year in 2017.

Here are a couple of short videos I made to give you an overview of the tools that I use and  one to show you my “command center.” Be watching for the rest of this 4 part series including an overview of my system and how I use all of these tools to manage my home, home business and my sanity.

I’d love to hear any tips you might have as well! Drop them in the comments below!

Part 1:

Part 1.5

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