Book Report: Educating the WholeHearted Child By Clay & Sally Clarkson

Homeschool is one of those things that I said that I would NEVER, ever, ever, ever…(you get the point) do…along with network marketing. Yep, enjoy the laugh. haha!! #eatingmywords #andlovingit #yumm

The more research I do, the more I’m feeling called in this direction. I have several wise women around me who have been homeschooling for years. I asked them to pray for our family as we look into this option for our kids. One of these ladies suggested that I read this book. And because Amazon is always at my fingertips…and I’m a #bookaholic I ordered it asap.

You know what’s funny, these ladies I mentioned above…they’re the same ones that got me into network marketing too…and I’m SO thankful!!! I’ve been blessed to have fallen into the perfect gig/ministry on my first try! #comfortzonesarebadforyourhealth

SO, here we are researching, praying and talking to everyone we know who homeschools trying to make a decision. I absolutely love what the Clarkson’s are doing in this book, showing the biblical foundations and answering questions.  Basically mentoring you along your journey to decide if homeschooling is right for your family. They also provide a simple path to follow to get started with lots of resources and tips along the way.

We are still in the process of making a final decision for our family, and I’m nowhere near finished with this incredible book, but I look forward to finishing it soon. I know that, as my friend said, with this book and a lot of prayer (and some input from friends who’ve been there) we’ll find our way.

I’d appreciate prayer as we make this decision and would love to hear any tips you may have, positive experiences you’d like to share, or just some encouraging words on the subject. Comment below!

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