Health Tip: Low Carb…Is it good for you?

Low Carb diets are all over the place, and many folks have had much success with them, myself included. BUT are they good for your health?

I know that for me, eating low carb caused me to feel sluggish, blue and unmotivated after a while. Which of course means I gave up on eating that way and gained back some of the weight I’d lost. Completely defeats the purpose, right?!

Every body is different and we all have different needs nutritionally. What I’ve found works best for ME, what helps me to make forward progress on my health journey, is to switch it up a little every once in a while.

I believe that God provided a variety of foods for a reason. One reason is as I mentioned above, that we all need different things nutritionally. Part of that is based on blood type, part of it on country of origin, and a few other things as well. Another reason that I believe He provided such a variety is because we were meant to enjoy as many kinds of things as possible.

Now don’t get me wrong, moderation is still a key factor. Don’t go all crazy with your Brussels sprouts and arugula now ok? (p.s. that is a joke) ūüôā

I LOVE me some protein and (good) fat rich foods, bring on the butter, cheese, bacon, coconut oil, etc. Yumm!! But I know that my body needs a variety, it needs veggies of all colors and sizes, it needs carbs too.

Carbohydrates (carbs) are used for energy in our bodies. This is why when we go “low carb” for too long our bodies get sluggish and tire more easily. It can also cause our bodies to not know how to handle carbs when we introduce them back into our diets, which can result in additional weight gain caused by inflammation.

The key is to make sure that the carbohydrates we are putting into our bodies are good ones. Ones that provide slow burning energy, great nutrition and steady blood sugar levels. We don’t need to spike those levels because that sets off a chain reaction in our bodies that actually increases our fat stores…ain’t nobody got time for that!

To get rid of fat our bodies need to be allowed to alternate fuel sources, fats and carbs. This helps keep the body guessing on what is coming next and actually helps to force the body to burn stored fat as fuel when done correctly.

So what are good carbs anyway?

Here are a few that I keep on hand:

  • Whole Grain Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Steel Cut Oats
  • Old Fashioned Oats
  • True Sourdough Breads (whole wheat)*
  • Sweet Potatoes

*a true sourdough has been fermented, it helps to “eat up” some of the inflammation causing parts of the grain.

A few years ago I stumbled upon something called Trim Healthy Mama, they explain in their plan book how all of this fuel switching works as well as how to best combine foods, etc. They also have a recipe book as well. If you like the sciency stuff behind the why’s of the plan then definitely get the THM book and read it.

Once you get the general idea of the plan (I talk about it a bit in my eBook that you can get for free by signing here) you can pretty much run with it. I follow the plan loosely along with my regular supplements and exercise (also mentioned in the free eBook) and am loving the freedom it gives me to enjoy all of the food groups and still make progress and feel amazing!! Food freedom!!

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