Book Report: Being Real by Mike Kipp & Kenny Wade

It’s really fun to read a book when you’ve known the author or authors and had interactions with them. You can hear them talking in your head as you read, and can even imagine some of the stories they share more vividly.

Even if I didn’t know the authors, I would still recommend this book. Not just in regards to sharing your faith, but just for life and relationship tips in general. I’ve never heard anyone say that they had too many friends. Have you?

I loved the perspective of, when we meet people, to look for the image of God in them. The point of connection. Then build a relationship with them, do life with them. As someone who craves community, but isn’t sure what to do about creating that in my life, this book was very helpful and encouraging!

Here is a quote from the book, written by an anonymous student, that sums up the book really well:
“Throughout my life, I have dealt with a lot of hardships, but in every one God was there to keep me on my feet. My journey with Christ is one of doubt and realization. Throughout my teen years, I have strayed away from the path that He has laid before me. I have found a Savior that died not only  for me, or other churchgoers, but the murderers, rapists, Muslims, Jews, terrorists and politicians. We’re all people who are called by one name, Beloved.”

There is always hope, for anyone, no matter their current circumstances or past. There is a hope for a brighter, more love filled, future. We are ALL Beloved.

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