Book Review: Make it Happen by Lara Casey

I’m a highlighter. Are you? I like to highlight bits and pieces of the books I read that impact me so that I can flip through and remember the lessons I learned…this book…is probably the most highlighted book I’ve read in a while. haha!!

On the back cover Lara says, “Make it Happen is the story of how I surrendered my fear, took the leap, and got a life. In my case, a perfectly imperfect, fulfilling life as a mama, a working woman, and a grateful wife. This is how I chose to make ‘it’  – a greater purpose than mine – happen, and how you can too.”

This book was impactful in so many ways for me. She sprinkles in reflection questions during the telling of her story to help you process through your own story, to help you discover what your priorities are or should be, to guide you through the self-reflection process that we all so desperately need…or is that just me?

“God’s purpose for us is the big-picture vision; goals are our action plans to carry out that vision, using all He has given us.” pg 136

And Lara, through this book, helps guide you through the process of discovering that vision/purpose, breaking down those goals into action steps and helps you to create a road map to reaching those goals and fulfilling that vision.

Part 4 of the book, the last 64 pages, walks you through a similar process to what Lara uses in her Power Sheets workbooks (which I also LOVE!!). It’s a good idea to plan some quiet, uninterrupted (as much as possible) time to process through the steps she lays out. As a mom of 4 littles under 10, a wife, a business woman, I NEED to make sure I’m using my time wisely and effectively (I use that word a lot…I like things that are efficient, haha!). I loved Lara’s book, found a ton of value in it and whole-hardheartedly recommend it to everyone I know, no matter their situation or circumstances.  It’s just THAT good!!

Another thing I loved about this process is that it helped me remember that what we’re aiming for in this life is progress, not perfection. Anyone else get stuck because we’re afraid to mess up so we don’t do anything? As my friend Brenda would say, “Action cures EVERYTHING!!” Get moving! It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, it can’t be. If it was perfect the first time we probably wouldn’t ever learn anything. Perfect is boring. haha!

Aim for imperfect progress, get moving and let’s reach those goals and achieve the vision God has given us!

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