Hey there friend!

I’m so glad you could join me here in this place of grace and freedom!

I’d like to take a sec and introduce myself and give you a little glimpse of what you can expect at Graceful Freedom. My name is Yvonne and I’m a Jesus lover, wife and mom of 4 beautiful kiddos. We live in a rural area of Idaho (is there a part that isn’t rural? haha!), love our community, and are very involved in our church. My hubby is an Electrical Engineer and I am blessed to be able to work from home while enjoying my family.  Our family is nowhere near “Pinterest Perfect,” just trying to do our best to live this life in love.

I’m a hope dealer, and a cheerleader of people. I love to support other’s dreams, connect & make new friends. I believe we’ll be great uplifting friends to one another!

My back story is a little messy and a lot complicated.  I’m a small town country girl from the very beginning.  I was surrounded by love, from my family, my friends, my teachers and of course, from God.  We were at church if the doors were open, often we opened and closed those doors.  I knew (in my head) that I was loved by God and everyone else.  Unfortunately, that knowledge struggles (still) to connect and be planted in my heart.

And so the journey begins.  The journey to health in all aspects of my life: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  It is a long and messy road through very low self-esteem, emotional abuse, a love/hate relationship with food and exercise (love food – hate exercise), divorce and beautiful redemption.

God has given me so much grace (unmerited favor) and mercy (pardon).  He has brought so many friends, so much healing and so much freedom over the past few years. He’s also blessed me with several incredible tools, tools that are simple to use and super effective. Grace and Freedom people!!

I am so looking forward to sharing with you my journey and the tools and experience I’ve gained in the process.

Some topics we’ll discuss along the way:

  • How to get healthy without the usual torture
  • How to get organized (for home, business, family, etc.)
  • How to set (and achieve goals)
  • How to GET THINGS DONE! (fellow procrastinators…unite!)
  • Time/Priority management
  • The importance of gut health
  • The importance of movement
  • The importance of good nutrition
  • The importance of a good mindset (affirmations)

I’d love to hear more about you! How can I help you to take that next baby step into graceful freedom in your overall journey?  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Also follow me on social media (links to the right), let’s get to know each other!

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May God richly bless you,